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        Plant Disease Management & Phytosanitary Assistance
Ascent Agricultural Services, LLT
Ascent Agricultural Services, LLC, provides Northwest growers, breeders, researchers and plant enthusiasts with rapid and reliable plant disease diagnosis and up-to-date recommendations on management options.

In addition, Ascent provides phytosanitary expertise to plant exporters and importers and critical review of operation guidelines, program rules and regulations for growers and commodity groups.

Ascent Agricultural Services is operated by Dr. John A. Griesbach, who has over 25 years of experience in plant pathology and plant sciences.

  • Disease diagnosis and treatment options for:

    • Horticultural crops
    • Field and row crops
    • Specialty crops
    • Urban landscapes, parks and reserves
    • Private gardens and conservatories

  • Phytosanitary assistance with plant importing and exporting
  • Development of best management practices (BMP's) for plant production
  • Mediation services with plant quarantine issues
  • Expert witness for plant disease issues
  • Conduct audits and inspections for USDA nursery certification
  • Develop export production manuals for the United States Nursery Certification Program

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